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We Are Charmie & Vishal, The House Whisperers

We are a husband & wife team who are more than just house buyers in the Raleigh-Durham area. We’re parents, children, siblings, caregivers, homeowners, dreamers, & a whole lot more! As members of the community, we truly care about improving it and helping people find the best possible solution so they can sell their home fast and with zero stress.

Get To Know Us…


The head of the company, which means she manages everyone else and keeps everything running smoothly. Having grown up and lived all over NC (Asheville, Greensboro & The Triangle), she knows the ins and outs of being a Carolina girl. After graduating from UNC with a degree in Biochemistry (right?!), she decided to use her evil talent to make the world a better place by helping make vaccines with various companies in the Triangle. She uses the same passion to help you sell your house fast. Outside of work, Charmie loves spending time with family, especially their 3 kids (2 furbabies and one of the human variety).


Somebody has to do the dirty work, right? What about making everyone else (Charmie, The Kids, & YOU) happy? Meet Vishal. He grew up in Maryland (Go Terps!) and made the move to North Carolina in 2011 (can you guess why). After working in project management in the pharma and healthcare sectors, he decided it was time to finally make the leap into real estate. After being around the real estate world for 15 years prior, it was time to start helping people realize their dreams. In addition to helping clients with their RE needs, he is ready to help you solve whatever situation you have. Helping others is truly his passion, and being able to come up with the best solution for you is one of the reasons he gets up every morning! Along with spending as much time as he can with Charmie and the kids, he is a diehard sports fan.

The Kids

The tale of 2 Furbabies and A Human. The 3-ring circus. The main reasons we do what we do!

You met Buff already, he is the one in our logo. He is our first child and although he is no longer physically with us, Buff reminds us to always do our best & do right by others.

The middle one is Munchkin, although he hates being the middle child now. He shows us how to always be young at heart and put all of our energy into what we love doing… as long we we play fetch with him too!

The youngest is Ari. Our 4 year old who keeps us on our toes every minute. He loves his Mommy, Daddy & brothers and like every 4 year old, wants constant attention. While learning to read and write, he is also mastering the art of showing & flipping some houses (he is all about figuring out layouts). He is asking if he can help you next.

Our Promise To You

We will always treat you with respect, honesty, integrity, & transparency.

We have to go home and see those 3 faces every night. This is why you know you will get nothing by honesty from us. We are not trying to take advantage of your situation, just find the best solution for you. We want to help you so you can count on us to be there when you need help.

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