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How Do I Sell My House Fast In North Carolina?

We Buy Houses In Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill & Everywhere Else In NC In All Cash. Find Out How…

We eliminate the middle people like inspectors, appraisers, banks, and co-operating agents, which makes everything simple for you. We are not listing your house… we plan to buy it in cold hard cash! Paying in all cash means you get your money faster & when you want it!

“Vishal was wonderful throughout the entire process. He responded to my inquiry efficiently, evaluated the property fairly & thoroughly, and did not throw lowball offers at me. We moved quickly, closed on the date we initially set, & for the original agreement. Vishal and his team are incredibly honest, reasonable, & professional in an industry where that is not always the case. I’d absolutely work with them again in the future!”

Zach Womble (Chapel Hill, NC)  5 Star Review 

Get Cash For Your House Fast! Find Out How…

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Meet With Us In Person Or Virtually To View The Property, Answer Your Questions, & Get Your Cash Offer.

Close With A Local Real Estate Attorney…Get Your Cash In Hand!

Is Selling My House REALLY That Easy?

YES! When we buy your house, the hard work is done for you. We make the entire process very easy, and stress-free for you. The process is fast, fair, & completely transparent from start to finish!

What Happens When I Submit The Form Or Call?

Once you submit your information through the form or call us, then we will reach out to you by phone to learn more about your house and you. Our goal is to help you regardless of the reason you want to sell. On the call, we will schedule a day and time to meet with you to view the property and answer all of your questions.

What About The Current COVID-19 Pandemic?

At We Buy Houses In The Triangle, your safety is very important to us. We offer options to make the process as safe and convenient for you. For our meeting you can choose from a(n):

  On-Site Meeting: Vishal (Fully Vaccinated) Physically Walks The House Wearing Disposable N-95 Mask & Gloves

  Virtual Meeting: Utilize Video Conferencing to View The House While You Walk Through It

I Called, We Had Our Meeting, Now What?

Now you can sit back and relax! We are fair & transparent so you don’t need to worry about the hassle-free offer you get. We will show you exactly how we came up with your offer, which means you know we are not making numbers up.

We will not low-ball you, and will not give you an inflated price either. The goal is to give you a fair price which works. Others will overshoot the price, then come back and negotiate it down due to repairs.

This is a tactic people who give you an offer without ever seeing the property use. This is not how we want to help you. We are fair and stick by our offer because we already did the leg work up front. Call Us if you have any questions.

“Vishal & his team at We Buy Houses in The Triangle are extremely knowledgeable and caring people. We have worked together on a couple projects in the past and what stood out to me was Vishal’s drive and care for providing solutions to his clients, whether that ended up working with his company directly or not.”

Marcel Barwanietz  

How Do You Come Up With Such A Fair Offer For My House?

We start by utilizing the expected After Repair Value (ARV) of the property. This is the starting point.

We calculate the expected costs to bring the house up to the ARV.               

Some simple math & you have your Fair Cash Offer.

No Guess Work, No Low-Ball Offers, No Re-Negotiation!

How Do We Get The ARV?

As licensed North Carolina Real Estate Brokers, we have access to the latest sales data in The Triangle. We use this data, our experience and knowledge to determine the best possible After Repair Market Value. What Goes Into It:

Gather multiple recent past sales of fixed up (think HGTV style) houses near you in the MLS (most people will only look at one recent sale, we know a true ARV needs more just than one comparison)

Make adjustments to match the details of your house

Calculate trends from the data collected to forecast future estimates

Calculating Your Fair & Transparent Offer

Your Fair Cash Offer = [ARV] – [Cost of Needed Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

Sample Calculation

Sample Calculated Average Repair Value = $200,000

Sample Cost Of Needed Repairs = $75,000

Sample Selling Costs (Ours after repair) = [9% of ARV] = $18,000

Sample Minimum Profit = $40,000

(Yes, we make a profit. This is a business, and in order to keep helping you and others like you, we need to have funds to do so. We will always be fair.)

Your Fair Cash Offer = [ARV] – [Cost of Needed Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

Your Fair Cash Offer = $200,000 – $75,000 – $18,000 – $40,000

Your Fair Cash Offer = $57,000 in cold, hard cash…. Fast!

Sell My House Fast In NC or List It As-Is?

First of all… we can help you do both, and would be happy to discuss either or both scenarios with you! After evaluating the same house above for listing it with us in a traditional manner, let’s say the estimated sale price would be $70,000.

That’s great at first glance… we then take into account how long it takes and your side of the closing costs. These include commissions, attorney’s fees, taxes/transfer fees, and more. After subtracting these costs, your net would be about $64,000 after 4-6 months.

So What’s The Bottom Line?

Selling your house fast with We Buy Houses In The Triangle: $57,000 in cold, hard cash FAST (in a matter of days)

Selling your house by listing it traditionally with us: $64,000 in 4-6 months

Is $7,000 worth waiting 4 months? Or are you ready to put money in your pockets now, sleep easy at night, pay off your debts, stop having headaches and arguments with your spouse, pay for your child’s school, or just make sure you have a nest egg in the event something happens.

“We truly appreciate how patient you are with us. Regardless of how long this process has been, you still don’t push us and still encourage us…”


What Will Your Numbers Look Like?

Sell Your House Fast In North Carolina By Filling This In & Getting Your Easy Offer…

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